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About Us

"Enjoying both the process of creation and the final result itself is a source of
joy and pride."

I’ve been creating pottery since I was a child and teaching pottery for over 16 years. For me, personally, having the opportunity to teach something I love to do is amazing. But, the best part is, by sharing my knowledge with students, it provides them with an opportunity to share a new experience, learn a new craft and expand their creativity.

“So”, you’re thinking, Why should I take pottery classes? Well, for one, it’s fun! But there are a few other reasons as well…

  1. Stress Relief: When you’re immersed in a craft you enjoy, you focus on it and stop thinking (even for a little while) about what’s bothering you. This helps lower your stress and anxiety levels. 

  2. New Skills: Even if you already have ideas about the art or craft you’re going to undertake, you can always innovate, develop your talent, and acquire new knowledge. 

  3. Disconnect:  Whether it’s on your desktop or laptop at work, or cruising social media at home, most of us are “digitally connected” a good portion of the day.  Sometimes digital disconnection is necessary for mental hygiene and a welcome relief from digital burnout.

  4. Accomplishment: Enjoying both the process of creation and the final result itself is a source of joy and pride. Unlike a project you do for work, when you make something for yourself, you can use and enjoy what you created (or give it as a gift to someone special). Plus, it will give you a good dose of confidence in yourself and what you’re capable of accomplishing,

I look forward to working with you and, hopefully, you will come away from here with a sense of accomplishment, and have a little fun along the way.

Danielle Doré

Owner of The Mud Room



The Mud Room
16848 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44111



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