I'm a mother of two girls living in Lakewood, Ohio. I happily spend most of my time with my hands covered in clay, usually in my small studio in my house. I also manage the pottery studio and teach at The Beck Center for the Arts where I enjoy teaching my love for clay as well. My portraits are a different way for me to express myself and the way I see the people around me .A way for others to see them through my eyes.


I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art. I like to keep up to date with ceramic techniques by taking as many workshops as I can. I show and sell my artwork through local galleries, centers and sales. Most of all I have learned from my years of experience with my students of all ages, co-workers, and my own family and friends. The personal growth I seek is accomplished from choosing to learn from my experiences in life, from the people and circumstances around me. I've done my best to listen and be aware of my surroundings to take advantage of as much knowledge as possible.


I am fascinated with what we as humans are really made of and how those components affect each other. I love the intricacies in the structure of skulls and bones. Yet I find the way the skin hides this structure beautiful as it bunches, creases, and stretches to coincide in a tethered partnership. Clay adds its' own elemental qualities. It can copy these human qualities but can also be manipulated to display pressure or stress in the clay or as a structure itself.

I am also drawn to lidded containers as we all need to find a special place to hold our precious keepsakes-whether it be a favorite food, a family heirloom, or a secret thought. My work usually displays a decorative antique quality like the ancient behavior of coveting which these containers are meant for.